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We treat advertising differently. Get to know more about our topic-centric positioning programs.

If you’re looking for a great ROI, like 6-10x ROAS, you’ve come to the right place.
We know your target market is interested in specific topics so we meet them where they are. How? We offer brands intimate exposure across our popular platform of more than 200 websites, including our HealthMeans library and membership portal, with more than 480,000 members absorbing content across 60 health-related topics.

Why it Works

Traditional channel-based advertising is like dropping your fishing line in a specific part of a very large ocean, hoping to find your ideal fish. When you take advantage of topic-centric positioning, you’re dropping your fishing line in a large pool stocked with your ideal fish.
We set you up for success, not chance, and have a targeted audience to meet your needs — and for your brand.

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