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A healthy hello

In 2013, two entrepreneurs on a mission to build a platform that provides functional and holistic health information to anyone with internet access founded HealthMeans. Since then, we’ve become the number one platform—and each year, we continue to grow and expand our library of resources. From expert talks to webinars, downloadable eBooks to a growing community, we exist to connect you to each other and to a healthier, more fulfilling way of life.

Our Team

HealthMeans is made up of many passionately dedicated people who all share the same mindset: health matters.

Together, we keep adding to our library of functional health content, help and information so that everyone has access to discover the keys to better health. Get to know some of our team members below.

  • Bobby Cardwell

    Bobby Cardwell


  • Al Jade Magsacay


  • Al-Razed Sanawe

    Tech Support

  • Andrea Flores picture

    Andrea Flores

    Email Support

  • Bethany Burkhart

    Partner Relationships Specialist

  • Blake Penner

    Video Editor

  • Brea Silva

    Account Manager

  • Carey Edelmen

    Copy Editor

  • Carrie Medeiros

    Graphic Design

  • Cate Lamm

    Director of Community Support

  • Chantel Wong

    Director of Operations and Product Development

  • Ena Coronel

    Partner Relationships Assistant

  • Gaston Marco

    Web Development Specialist

  • Gina Benedetto

    Graphic Design

  • Ian Baird

    Video Editor

  • Iona Tudor

    Closed Captioning

  • Jade Dela Cruz photo

    Jade Dela Cruz

    Partner Relationships Assistant

  • Jessica Schneider

    Director of Promotional Resources

  • Jill Frost

    Office Admin

  • Jody Murphy

    Support Specialist

  • John Brock

    Project Manager - Webinars & Events

  • Josh Burleson

    Lead Tech Developer

  • Karen Cook

    Account Manager

  • Karl Cossio

    Sr. Web Developer

  • Kayla Macpherson

    Content Support

  • Kevin Lacsamana

    Support Specialist

  • Krystal Williams

    Content Dev Manager - Marketing & Events

  • Lyca Jane Moran

    Email Support

  • Marielle Salazar

    Email Support

  • Mark Canonoy

    Partner Relationships Assistant

  • Mark Gonzales

    Operations Assistant

  • Melanie Barcelo

    Support Specialist

  • Micha Anastacio

    Project Support

  • Rachael Morin

    Account Manager

  • Richard Agner

    Email Marketing Strategist

  • Sarah Crocker

    Director of Partner Relationships

  • Sarah Williams

    Human Resources

  • Susan Milligan

    Content Manager

  • Sylvia Tran

    Sr. Account Manager

  • Tiffany Carabello

    Project Coordinator

  • Virginia Germann

    Director of Community & Membership

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